4 Lakhtinsko-Pravoberezhnaya line

Line 4 of the Saint Petersburg Metro, also known as Lakhtinsko-Pravoberezhnaya Line (Russian: Ла́хтинско-Правобере́жная) or Orange Line, is a rapid transit line in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which connects city centre with the south-ost districts on the right bank of the Neva River. Despite its name, which literally means Right Bank Line, the line from the beginning had the stations on the left bank of the Neva river. Opened in 1985, it is the shortest line in the system with the stations featuring a modern design. Since 1994, it has been officially designated «Line 4,» but the original name is still often used in informal context.

The line originally opened to provide access from the centre for the new residential areas in the eastern part of city, along the right bank of the Neva River. However, delays in the construction of the future Line 5, compelled the metro officials to temporarily link the already completed northern part of the Line 5 (starting from Sadovaya) to Line 4, as they felt that it was better to have a single connected line rather than two unconnected ones. From that point on, the line expanded northward, as per original plans of Line 5 expansion.

On March 7, 2009, Spasskaya station was completed, creating the city’s first three-way transfer and it officially became the new terminal for Line 4. As per the original plan, all Line 4 stations north of Dostoyevskaya were absorbed into the recently opened Line 5.

  1. Ploshchad Alexandra Nevskogo
  2. Novocherkasskaya
  3. Ladozhskaya
  4. Prospekt Bolshevikov
  5. Ulitsa Dybenko
  6. Dostoevskaya
  7. Ligovsky Prospekt
  8. Spasskaya