4 Spasskaya

1955 Saint Petersburg

Intersection of Sadovaya Street and Moskovsky Prospekt

Spasskaya (Russian: Спáсская) is the current western terminus station of the Line 4 of the Saint Petersburg Metro. It is part of the first three-way transfer station that also includes Sadovaya and Sennaya Ploshchad stations. The station was originally scheduled to open in December 2008, but eventually opened on March 7, 2009 because of last-minute repairs to station’s transfer escalators.

As of 2009, the station does not have a ground-level vestibule or a connecting escalator. Passengers have to transfer to one of the connected stations in order to exit to the city.

Metro station «Spasskaya» architect Morozov V.N. (photo not saved)
Metro station «Spasskaya» architect Khozatsky V.G. (photo not saved)