5 Dunayskaya

1955 Saint Petersburg

Bucharestskaya street

Dunayskaya (Russian: Дунайская) is a Saint Petersburg Metro station on the Frunzensko-Primorskaya Line (Line 5) of the Saint Petersburg Metro. It was opened on 3 October 2019 as a part of the extension of the line to the south from Mezhdunarodnaya. The extension also included Prospekt Slavy and Shushary stations. Dunayskaya is between Prospekt Slavy and Shushary.

The station is in the Balkansky Okrug of the Frunzensky District of Saint Petersburg at the corner of Bukharestskaya Ulitsa and Dunaysky Prospekt. It takes its name from Dunaysky Prospekt, which is named for the Danube River.

Shopping and office center «Zvenigorodsky» architect Romashkin-Timanov N. V. (photo not preserved)
Metro station «Dunayskaya» architect Sergeeva U.S. (photo not saved)