2 Zvyozdnaya

1955 St. Petersburg

Star street 5m

Zvezdnaya is a station of the Petersburg metro. It is part of the Moscow-Petrogradskaya line, located between the stations «Moskovskaya» and «Kupchino».

The station was opened on December 25, 1972 as part of the Moskovskaya — Kupchino section, located on the service branch from the Moskovskaya station to TCh-3, which was operating at that time. The exit from the station is located at the intersection of Zvezdnaya and Lensovet streets. It was named according to the toponymy of the surrounding streets: in the project it was called “In the Name of the Leningrad City Council”, but in the end the name “Star” was chosen.

This name defines the theme of the station design — the conquest of outer space.

Chief Project Engineer — G.P. Kononchuk (LMGT).