2 Chyornaya Rechka

1955 St. Petersburg

Academician Krylov Street 2

Black River is a station of the Petersburg metro. It is located on the Moscow-Petrogradskaya line between the Petrogradskaya and Pionerskaya stations.

The station was opened on November 6, 1982 as part of the Petrogradskaya — Udelnaya section. The station could receive the name due to its location in the historical district of Novaya Derevnya, but it was decided to design the station’s platform hall by linking it with the Black River, known for A.S. Pushkin’s duel. For this reason, the station received the name «Black River», later this name stuck and is perceived as the name of the district.

Metro station «Prospect Veterans» architect Khilchenko V.G. (photo has not survived)