2 Parnas

1955 St. Petersburg

Engels Avenue 162

Parnas is a station of the Petersburg metro. It is the terminal station of the Moscow-Petrogradskaya line, following the station «Prospekt Prosvescheniya». It is located on the ground section of the line between the tunnel portal and the Vyborgskoye depot in the village of Pargolovo, Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg, being the northernmost metro station in Russia. Before that, it was the Devyatkino station of the Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya line.

The station was opened on December 22, 2006 on the existing section Prospekt Prosvescheniya — Vyborgskoye depot. It was supposed to be built shortly after the commissioning of the Udelnaya — Prospect Prosvescheniya launch site, but due to the postponement of the construction of the Vyborgskoye depot (to relieve the Nevskoye depot), the opening dates were postponed. One of the main reasons for the construction of the station was officially declared the need to protect the portals of the tunnels from adverse environmental influences.

The origin of the name: from the Parnas industrial zone, which starts 500 meters east of the station, which got its name from the historical name of Mount Parnas in the Shuvalov park, located two kilometers to the west. In the project, the station was called Parnasskaya. After the opening of this station in St. Petersburg, there are 60 operating stations. List of station chiefs: S. A. Vasiliev; A. A. Bobrovsky; P. M. Anisimov; K. A. Ipatov; Zh.V. Krymskaya.

Metro station «Prospect Veterans» architect Khilchenko V.G. (photo has not survived)
Metro station «Parnas» architect Pavlova M. V. (photo has not survived)