3 Nevsko-Vasileostrivskaya line

Line 3 of the Saint Petersburg Metro, also known as Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya Line (Russian: Не́вско-Василеостро́вская ли́ния) or Green Line, is a rapid transit line in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which connects city centre with the western and southeastern districts. It was opened in 1967. Since 1994, it has been officially designated as Line 3. It stands out among Saint Petersburg metro lines for two reasons — its stations are almost exclusively of «Horizontal Lift» type and it has the longest inter-station tunnels in the entire system. Metro officials originally intended to add stations in-between the existing ones, but those plans were later abandoned.

The line cuts Saint Petersburg centre on an east–west axis and then turns southeast following the left bank of the Neva River. It is generally coloured green on Metro maps.

  1. Vasileostrovskaya
  2. Gostiny Dvor
  3. Mayakovskaya
  4. Ploshchad Alexandra Nevskogo
  5. Yelizarovskaya
  6. Lomonosovskaya
  7. Primorskaya
  8. Proletarskaya
  9. Obukhovo
  10. Rybatskoye
  11. Zenit
  12. Begovaya