5 Sportivnaya

1955 Saint Petersburg

On both sides of the Tuchkovy Bridge

Sportivnaya (Russian: Спорти́вная) (literally — Sportage) is a station on the Frunzensko-Primorskaya Line of the Saint Petersburg Metro. The station was designed by Alexander Konstantinov, Alexander Bystrov and Andrey Larionov. It opened on 15 September 1997 as part of the Pravoberezhnaya Line. Sportivnaya is the only two-level single-vault transfer metro station outside Washington D.C.. The floors are connected by two groups of escalators, one of which is closed as of 2007. The lower floor serves the southbound trains while the upper floor serves the northbound ones. The upper floor is linked to the station’s exit to south-eastern side of Petrogradsky island. Since 27 May 2015 the lower floor house an entrance to a transfer corridor equipped with moving walkway which link the station to the exit on the north-eastern side of Vasilyevsky island.

Metro station «Chkalovskaya» architect Konstantinov A.S. (photo not saved)
Hotel «Pulkovskaya» — Hotel Park Inn Pulkovskaya Saint-Petersburg architect Volonosevich V.S. (photo not saved)
Metro station «Sportivnaya» architect Kuznetsova O. A. (photo not preserved)