3 Primorskaya

1955 Saint Petersburg

Odoevsky street 29

Primorskaya (Russian: Примо́рская) is the station of the Nevsko–Vasileostrovskaya Line (Line 3) of the Saint Petersburg Metro. It was designed by V.N. Sokolov, M.I. Starodubov and V.A. Penno and opened on 28 September 1979. The opening of the station, situated in the western part of Vasilievsky Island, was designed to coincide with the expansion of the local neighborhoods. Like many stations built during the Cold War era, it was designed to double as a fallout shelter. Thus, the underground portion of the station features a set of blast doors a few meters before the escalator. The station’s exit vestibule was eventually expanded to house one of the system’s communication centers. The building also hosts a metro museum and Metropoliten cafe.

Hotel «Karelia» architect Sokolov V.N. (photo not saved)
Subway Authority. Petersburg Metro Museum architect Starodubov N.I. (photo not saved)
Vladimir Alexandrovich Reppo